Monday, February 22, 2010

Flashback.......What a (Guilty) Feeling

A few months ago a friend gave us a stack of old vinyl record albums that he no longer wanted. Mixed in with the mostly classical and folk music was this flash from the past:

I assume the movie Flashdance was rated R, and since I was only about 12 when it came out, I don't know how I was able to see it. But I vividly recall Jennifer Beals maniacally strutting around in her collar-less sweatshirt by night, and attending her day job in a full welder's mask.

Anyway, none of that really matters. The point is, if you look closely, you will notice that the album is OVERDUE from the Seattle Public Library by 23 YEARS!!

Tom intends to return it to the Fremont Branch from whence it came the first chance he gets. But will they accept it? Or even want it? Will they make HIM pay the overdue fee?

There is a very good chance that Gus has never even heard of the movie, let alone would listen to the soundtrack, so we can only assume it was his ex-wife, an old girlfriend, or possibly his sister, who checked it out of the library and is responsible for this egregious infraction. (We originally thought it might have been his daughter, but after doing some mathematical calculations, realized this was impossible since she was not even born when the movie came out, and was only about one year old when the album was checked out of the library.) In any case, this was in the days before computerized library records and scanning bar codes, so there may be no way of ever knowing who the offender is.

We can only hope it has as happy of an ending as the 99 year overdue book!


  1. That would be hilarious to see what the late fees would be!
    .5 a day X 365 days X 23 years!!
    = $419.75

  2. Glad you're back, Aguavino!

    Wow! I don't know, libraries can be kind of strict. But only if you point out your infraction. For instance, when I spilled coffee all over some inside pages of a library book, I told them about it and offered to buy another. They said they wouldn't have noticed or reported it, but since I brought it up, they requested not only another book but a NEW copy (I was going to opt for a used version).

    So maybe they won't notice the 1987 - 2010 gap?????