Thursday, January 22, 2009


Just about everyone in the family was featured in various blogs this month:

Noah was the Pet of the Week for Etsy Veg. Check out his cute pic and find out what he's been reading lately. Also be sure to check out Etsy Veg and the shops of all their members in the Crafty Veggie Marketplace.

You can find Tom and Roadrunner the Chicken at Binge Cafe. (Please don't report us for animal abuse--she really doesn't mind sitting on top of his head! We let the chickens sleep in the house one night during an unusual cold snap that hit Seattle last month.)

And, one of my light switch covers is featured in the latest treasury for Etsy Veg.

You can also find a review of one of my necklaces (and my first Etsy sale!) by Molly of Vegan Etsy from way back in September.

Check out both Etsy teams for fabulous handmade cruelty-free items.

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