Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Name that (Cartoon) Bird Answers & Winner

Here are the answers to last month's Name that Bird contest:

1) Chilly Willy -- Penguin
2) Heckle & Jeckle -- Magpies
3) Foghorn Leghorn -- Rooster
4) Tweety Bird -- Canary
5) The Roadrunner -- Roadrunner (duh!)

We got a lot of entries for this one, and nearly every one had all the correct answers! But, alas, there could be only one winner. And that is....... Kylie of Silent Lotus Creations, and also the fearless, tireless leader of the fabulous Etsy Veg Team! She wins a 4 pack of my handmade Photo Greeting Cards--any 4 selected from my Snail Mail Gallery. Congratulations, Kylie!!

As a side note and bit of trivia, I was very sad that I was not able to include my favorite cartoon bird of them all: Woodstock. Apparently there is no definitive answer on what type of bird he is supposed to be! Some people surmise that he may be a dove because the Woodstock music festival used a dove in its logo. Although Charles Schultz, the creator of The Peanuts, did acknowledge in some interviews that the name "Woodstock" came from the music festival, the (nameless) character first appeared in 1967, two years prior to the festival. This, and the fact that he looks NOTHING like a dove, make me think he was not a dove. I always thought he was a canary because of his color, but I guess we will never know for sure what type of bird he was fashioned after, since Schultz never told us. Maybe it doesn't matter, and we should all take a lesson from Snoopy:

[From wiki.com:]

Snoopy has often wondered what type of bird Woodstock is. Snoopy attempts to identify him using his "Guide to Birds." The birds which Snoopy suggests and Woodstock attempt to imitate are: crow, American bittern, Caroline [sic] wren, rufous-sided towhee, yellow-billed cuckoo, Canada goose, warbler, and a mourning warbler. Snoopy finally gives up trying to figure it out, and hurts Woodstock's feelings by saying, "For all I know, you're a duck". Snoopy takes it back with a quick hug, at which point it becomes clear that it doesn't matter what type of bird Woodstock is; the only important fact is that he's Snoopy's best friend.

Check back soon for the next "Name that Bird" contest, and also a product review for a Silent Lotus bird necklace!


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  1. Congrats to Kylie! I didn't know you were the Etsy Veg leader. And yeah, Woodstock looks nothing like a dove.