Monday, March 23, 2009

Lucky Bird-- Winner & Highlights!

There were a lot of great entries in the latest Name that Bird contest. Lots of hummingbirds, but also some other interesting ones. The most original entry was for the Peeps. Although I do not endorse these, as they are not vegan (they contain gelatin, which is derived from animal collagen), they did technically qualify as a "green bird" :)

Here are a few of my favorite entries:
(You can find them all in the comments of the original post)

The winner of the Lucky Green Bird Contest was Heather, of 3 am Art, whose favorite green bird is the Green Budgie. I was so happy that her name was picked! Although I don't know her in person, she is a hoot on email/forums and VERY supportive of all her veggie teammates. Congratulations, Heather! Check out her Etsy shop for some great nature inspired photos. You can also stop by her Blog to congratulate her for being the lucky bird!

Her name was picked randomly from a bag that I had just purchased from Vegancraftastic. It's the cutest little squirrel bag you've ever seen, and really well-made. I bought it for a friend, but it arrived just in time to use as a "hat" for picking the winner of this contest. (My friend LOVED it, btw.) Please check out Vegancraftastic's Etsy shop for more awesome handmade items. She is also hosting a giveaway on her blog for a similar bag, but with a really cool skull & knitting stick cross bones pattern. Perfect for your favorite knitting pirate!



  1. Hey thanks again Lynn! I was sooo excited to win! What with that Irish last name, and all. ;) I'm still wearing my headband around with the shamrocks on it! I love the mug I use it daily for tea. I've always been drawn to the Irish, folks, the culture, the music. My children both have Irish names. I have some in me, and hubby certainly has a lot more. I was really happy to win! Thanks so much. Your photos are so wonderful. I love them a lot. Really love the idea of the repurposed thread, and the recycled cards. Great job! ---Heather :)